This game(I have no title for it yet) is a topdown action packed game. The maps are producerally generated, so no play session is the same. You have 2 weapons, assault rifle and rocket launcher. The goal for the game is to find the key (yellow cube) and go to the finish. Then you willl continue to a new world, you can continue as long as you can survive, and at the end you get a score.  (Controls in bottom)

Please provide feedback efter ypu have played. And i also want to hear if you would like this kind of game. Thanks!

Things i want to add:

-Power ups

-New enemies-Leaderboard

-Better graphics and UI

-Particle effects


-Better gameplay(suggestions please)


Left click: Assault rifle

Right click: Rocket Launcher

Movement: W,A,S,D


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cool game
one problem I have with it is how the walls sometimes have little gaps in them. Also movement on walls is pretty glitchy. You should make the game harder too. You can just run away the whole time

Hey, I have updated and all the ehings you mentioned are fixed. But im not workng on it anymore. It's almost ready to launch. But i dont know i i ever release it

if you keep breaking the blocks you can walk out of the map so enemies can't hurt you but you can still shoot them. no health bar but you already have a lot of health so not as necessary. maybe make it so that you can't push the enemies a ways back just by walking into them. and as a final thing once you get the key a arrow should show where the finish area is. great game can't wait to play it later.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm close to releasing the full game now, i have fixed many of the bugs that you mentioned, i will update you when the game is released :)